About Us

Thank you for your interest in assembling crafts & jewelry at home! Let us begin by giving you a little
background. New England Crafters originated in 1983 when we came up with an idea to make tiny
sheep ornaments out of 100% wool. We sold these sheep at our local church fair one year and could not
believe what happened. We completely sold out in just two hours! We then sat and took orders for the
rest of the day! We were very excited and everyone loved our sheep! We decided to come back the
following year with a larger stock.

Our local church fair led to larger craft fairs, which in turn led to vendor fairs at insurance companies.
In 1992, we decided to enter the wholesale market and sell on a larger level. We hired sales reps and
participated in large gift shows. At our first wholesale gift show we actually received an order for
300,000 sheep! The catch? The vendor wanted them in just 45 days! We knew we could not possibly
fill an order of that size. We were determined to find people to help with production so we would never
again have to turn down an order!

Over the past few years, we have expanded our line to include many different products. We are the
country's largest home craft assembly firm and believe we offer the best opportunity available. You can
be confident by assembling for NEC that you are assembling for the best. We offer over 35 projects and
need your help to produce them. The more assemblers we can train, the more products we can sell, and
the larger we can expand our business. We always say that "the proof is in our products" when people
are hesitant about assembling at home. For example, once you see our products for yourself, you will
have no doubt in the legitimacy of our company. We keep our product line fresh and exciting. This will
give you as an assembler more earning potential and no chance of ever "burning out" on one project!
In fact, we have recently added over 25 trend driven projects, cupcake & ice cream cone jewelry!

So how exactly does our program work, you may wonder. Well, it's really quite simple. Once registered
for a project, you will quickly be shipped a training kit. This training kit will contain enough materials to
produce three samples to send in for inspection. You will also receive FREE a sample to compare your
work to. We believe this is crucial, since you could not possibly duplicate our work by a photograph or
instructions alone. Once approved, you can start producing products at your own pace. We do not
demand any type of minimums to stay with our program. You can take as much time as you need to
make our products.

We allow you to send us 10-450 pieces per shipment depending on which project you are registered
with. Also, you can register for as many projects as you like. Since we offer over 35, you will never run
out of projects that interest you.

We feel that anyone can assemble crafts from home. Even with no experience, one can develop crafting
skills with our easy to follow instructions. If you have any trouble you can also opt to purchase a
training dvd! We have an amazing staff set up to help any challenges you may encounter. Also, we offer
unlimited refill inspection kits. If you run out of supplies before you become approved, we will ship you
more at no charge! We offer a wide range of crafts. You will have your choice of glue gun projects,
painting, jewelry, clay, or all of the above! For those of you who dislike sewing, we currently offer all NO
SEW projects! So, to get started, check out our project list and then register with as many projects as
your heart desires! We are here to help you all the way and are looking forward to adding you to our