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Over 35 Simple & Exciting Projects to Choose
No Experience Necessary!
Maximum Per Piece Shipments 450
Great Pay Per Piece!
Work ON as many Projects AS you like!
No Limits!
Dedicated Staff!
Year Round Work!
No Selling! No Pressure!

Tired of those long days of sitting at craft fairs?  Or
worse yet, watching the booth next to you sell all
their crafts while you take home 90% of what you
brought because you did not target the right

If you are a crafter at heart, and are looking for new
and fun projects, NEC is the home for you.  Working
with staff at NEC has always been a very helpful and
friendly experience.  Having looked at a number of
different at-home based companies I think you will
find NEC to be a breath of fresh air.  Try a number of
projects, and you will find they are there to assist
each crafter to succeed.  Try, try, and try again, I
did, because when they offer unlimited refill inspection
kits to obtain sample approval they really mean it!!

I really appreciate the no pressure atmosphere, on
time or quantity, so I can craft at my own pace.   I
found this organization at the perfect time in my life,
and value each and every day I have an association
with them.  Letting them do all the marketing and
selling is just right for me, as I am just a crafter at

Pamela W.
Oregon City, OR     
Thank You to all of our
assemblers! Valley Forge,
PA wholesale show to gift
shop buyers was a Huge
We set up many new
accounts and were able to
sell our products made by
you in the USA! Thank You!

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Thank You!

Our Program is NOT available
in MD or Canada

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